What kid doesn’t love playing outside? From fun in the sun to splashing in puddles in the rain and throwing snowballs in the winter, kids will find a lot of fun in spending time outdoors.

However, while they might be having a great time, especially splish sploshing in puddles, they won’t have too much fun if they become unwell from getting cold and wet.

If your child is dressed for the rainy and cold weather, then they can enjoy their time outside and stay dry and well too.

We’ve put together some information about the types of rainwear and outdoor clothing that will make spending time outside a lot more fun for the kids.

Levels of protection in kid’s clothing for the outdoors

If you’ve ever shopped for outdoor clothes for kids, then you’ve probably come across a variety of different terms highlighting the features and benefits of the garments. Below, we’ve simplified and defined some of the most common kid’s clothing terms.

Water resistant:

Water resistant refers to a material’s ability to repel water to a certain extent, but not entirely. Water resistant materials are able to withstand light rain or water splashes, but they are not completely waterproof. This means that if a water-resistant jacket is worn in a steady rain for a long enough period of time, the rain will eventually soak through, and the wearer will become wet.


Waterproof refers to a material’s ability to completely repel water. Clothing that is labelled as waterproof is designed to keep the wearer dry, even in heavy rain or when submerged in water. Waterproof clothing is often made from specially treated fabrics that are designed to repel water and prevent it from penetrating the material. This is different from water resistant clothing, which can only withstand light rain or water splashes before the water begins to penetrate the material.


Windproof clothing is designed to protect the wearer from the effects of wind. This type of clothing is typically made from tightly woven fabrics that are able to block the wind, providing insulation and warmth to the wearer. Windproof clothing can also be treated with special coatings or finishes that make the fabric more resistant to the penetration of wind. This can help to prevent the wind from cooling the body, which can be especially helpful in cold weather. Additionally, windproof clothing can protect the wearer from the effects of wind-blown debris, such as dust, sand, and small rocks.


Breathable refers to a material’s ability to allow air and moisture to pass through it. Breathable clothing is designed to allow the body to breathe and release moisture, such as sweat, through the fabric. This can help to regulate body temperature and keep the wearer comfortable, especially during physical activity or in hot weather. Breathable clothing is typically made from lightweight, porous materials that allow air and moisture to pass through easily. These materials can include natural fibres, such as cotton and wool, as well as synthetic materials, such as polyester and nylon.

Types of protective outdoor gear

When it comes to the different types of outdoor wear and rain clothing for kids, the types of clothing and accessories available can usually be categorised as one of three options:

Designed to layer over clothing for protection

This type of outdoor wear for kids is usually a rain slicker style type of clothing, where the main function is to provide a waterproof (and often, windproof) outer layer over their other clothing. This type of rainwear is usually meant to be somewhat loose fitting to allow it to be layered over other clothes and be flexible and versatile for kids who are spending time outside.

This type of rainwear and outdoor clothing is usually not designed to necessarily provide a lot of warmth, which is what makes it so versatile – it can be used all year round. In winter it can go over jumpers, coats, jackets, thermals, and other clothing that are keeping your child warm. In summer it can go over their standard clothing and is particularly handy for staying dry during quick summer rainstorms.

This type of clothing is most commonly rain jackets, pants, bibs, and rain suits.

Designed to add warmth

This type of clothing is usually known as thermals and is meant to be worn underneath other clothing items or with them. In particularly cold environments, you wouldn’t leave the home without thermals or fleece layers to help you stay warm.

This type of clothing is usually available as pants and long sleeve tops for kids to layer underneath other clothing.

Designed to offer full protection and warmth

This type of outdoor wear is usually somewhat more well fitted than the rain slicker style and is usually insulated and padded to provide exceptional warmth. These types of outdoor clothing are also usually wind and waterproof, with varying levels of water resistance clothing available. These all-in-one solutions are great options for particularly cold environments and for when you know that there isn’t going to be a significant temperature increase.

This type of outwear is most commonly available in the form of jackets and all in one suits, like snowsuits for kids.

Different types of outdoor gear and rainwear

As you may have already gathered, there are lots of different types of clothing that has bene made to protect children when they are outdoors. Whether they are playing outside, spending a long period of time outdoors or just travelling to and from school, there’s some thing to suit them. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular styles of kid’s outdoor wear.

Rain suits

Rain suits are a great, easy option for keeping kids dry from the wet weather. They can be used when it’s cold or warm, where they can go over the kid’s standard clothing for summer rain and over layers of their warm clothes. Rain suits help keep kids dry and you don’t have to worry about them taking their jacket off or having to dress them in multiple items. They are also super easy to move and play in, so your child won’t be uncomfortable. Learn more about the rainsuits we have available for kids here.

Rain jackets

Rain jackets usually fall into the category of rainwear that is made to keep the kids dry and be thrown over their other clothing, rather than to add additional warmth. Though, because they often offer a level of wind protection, they can help to keep the kids warm too.

If your child is just going to be outside for a short while, for example to travel to and from the shops or school, then a rain jacket is great option – it provides coverage and it easy to use. Check out our collection of Scandinavian designed rain jackets for kids here.

Rain pants

Rain pants are perfect for when kids are going to be playing and spending extended periods of time outside – especially if you’ve got some puddle jumpers on your hands. Rain pants offer that extra bit of protection from the water. Find the highest quality rain pants for kids here.

Rain bibs

Rain bibs are similar to rain pants except that they have the addition of shoulder straps and sometimes feet straps that help to keep them in place. Kind of like overalls, rain bibs ensure that their protective wear isn’t going anywhere, and water isn’t going to get into any nook or cranny. Discover out rain bibs and rain set here.

Snow suits

Snowsuits are not just for when you go skiing or the snow for that matter. If it regularly reaches very low temperatures, an insulated snow suit offers warmth, as well as waterproof and windproof protection. They usually allow for great flexibility for kids, so they can do everything they would normally do, just a little more padded. You can check out our range of snowsuits available in Australia here.


When trying to stay warm and dry, you really can’t forget about the accessories, like socks, winter hats and mittens. We can lose a lot of heat from our hands, feet, and head, so adding waterproof and warm accessories will make life a lot more enjoyable in the colder months.

Where to buy rainwear and outdoor clothing for kids in Australia?

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