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All-day High-Quality Rainwear
for Children and Adults

We have carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized our rainwear range from Scandinavian Rainwear Brands that has knowledge of how to construct waterproof rainwear clothing that will withstand all kinds of weather conditions and provide comfortable and wearable. Our products have play friendly design and are soft and well-constructed. Built for movement and play throughout the entire day. 100% Waterproof and Windproof. PFAS and PVC Free. Long lasting products for hand-me-down.

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The weather here in Tasmania is quite temperamental.  Before I had the Abeko rain gear our outdoor experiences at my family day care were often restricted to drier warmer days. Now with the freedom of owning a couple of Abeko suits I can take the children out all year round to benefit from the beautiful fresh air and be assured that we’re going to come back home dry, warm and happy. Thanks Marie!

Jessica, Tasmania


MK Nordika is an Australian-based outdoor gear retailler selling across the United States & Canada. We sell high quality and stylish Scandinavian designed Rainwear for women, men and children. We supply Rainwear to Early Childhood Centres, Forest Kindergartens, Schools and Family Day Care Providers.

The USA & Canada has a rugged and beautiful landscape and whether hiking, mountain biking or skiing, to really appreciate the USA & Canada outdoors you need appropriate clothing. Growing up in the harsh Swedish climate, we had to wear comfortable and durable outdoor clothing.

Our Scandinavian Rainwear is waterproof and windproof. Garments are lightweight, durable and made out of the highest quality materials.

Scandinavian countries are the leaders in manufacturing the highest quality Rainwear in the world.

Shop online now across the US & Canada for unique & beautiful Scandinavian Rainwear for Women, Men & Children.