This fantastic photo is from Leitchville Kindergarten in Victoria during their Bush Kinder session and it captures why I am so passionate about my business. Kids need to be outside being in nature no matter what the weather!

Bush Kindergartens are booming in Victoria and the other states in Australia aren’t far behind.

Last year we moved down to Jan Juc along the Great Ocean Road and I was thrilled to find out that Bush Kindergartens existed. My youngest son Liam has been able to experience nature at Bush Kinder in Victoria in the same way I did growing up in Forest Kindergarten in Sweden.

I am so happy he can explore his world – the bush, the plants, the animals, the mud and the rain. This is an invaluable education that I really believe all children should be able to experience.

And I am so proud to be doing my part by selling top quality Scandinavian wet weather gear that keeps kids warm and dry so they can be free outside in all conditions.

There is a Swedish saying that is spot on….“There is no bad weather only bad clothing!”

Marie x