MK Nordika is set up at the ECA National Conference in Adelaide from 4/10-6/10-2023. Come and see us at booth 13.

There is vast and consistent scientific evidence that demonstrates how children benefit in so many ways when they have regular opportunities to play outdoors in all seasons. Being in nature boosts immunity, stimulates the imagination, encourages problem solving and promotes physical activity.

I grew up attending a “Forest Kindergarten“ in Sweden where, no matter what the weather, we were encouraged to play, explore and learn outdoors. We wore well made, comfortable rainwear which kept us warm and dry.

These great products protect the clothing, keeping children clean, warm and dry. The material is soft, lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear.

Our products are also made to last. The durability of each item means it will survive the weather, so you can enjoy many seasons of outdoor adventure with the same trusty, well-made shoes and clothing. They are created without the use of any animal products and we proudly back our cruelty-free and sustainable designs.

There is no bad weather only bad clothing!

ECA National Conference 2023