If you’re a bit of an outdoorsy person, chances are that you know the importance of finding high quality and durable clothing to undertake your outdoor adventures in.

Clothing made for the cooler times outdoors needs to be comfortable, practical, protective, and warm, and often, this combination is not easy to find.

But that’s where Scandinavian designed outdoor wear comes in. Not only do many of the high quality Scandinavian outdoor clothing brands fulfill the criteria we mentioned above – high quality, durable, comfortable, practical, protective, and warm – but they are also often stylish as well. Who says that being warm and dry needs to be done with ugly clothing?

Today, we want to tell you more about Scandinavian outdoor clothing, including why what is unique about it and some of the best brands available to purchase now. So, if you love spending time outdoors or you have little ones who love their outside play time, keep reading to learn more about outdoor winter clothing from Scandinavian brands and why they believe that “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing” comes from Scandinavia, so the.

What does Scandinavian designed mean?

The Scandinavian region of Europe includes the Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland. When you hear references to Scandinavian designed, you’re likely to hear it in the context of interior design, including furniture and architecture. It’s characterised by simple silhouettes and minimalistic yet clever features.

In this context, we mean Scandinavian designed as in designed by brands that have been created and developed in the Scandinavian countries mentioned above. However, the style of clothing often takes cues of the minimalist interior design trend.

We’ll talk about some of our favourite Scandinavian outdoor clothing brands a little bit later, but first, let’s talk about what is unique about Scandinavian clothing made for the outdoors.

What makes Scandinavian designed outdoor clothing stand out from other outdoor clothing?

While brands from all over the world spend a lot of time researching, developing, and testing clothing, the Scandinavian lifestyle and climate allows these Scandi based brands to design and develop clothing based on their natural lifestyle.

Here are some of the reasons winter, outdoor and rainwear clothing by Scandinavian brands is the best in the world.

They know how to make clothing for the outdoors – especially winter

As we mentioned earlier, the Scandinavian lifestyle involves spending a lot of time outdoors – and there really is no wonder why – some of the most beautiful sights in the world can be in this region.

However, while there are beautiful sights there is also some of the most treacherous and harsh weather conditions in the world. While summer can be beautiful and balmy, during the depths of winter, some areas of the region experience extreme sub-zero icy temperatures, as well as all kinds of weather conditions, like rain, hail, snow, and much more.

Despite these cold conditions, life still goes on, and the need to go outside for many people exists, so they need to be able to wear appropriate clothing to ensure they can stave off colds and illnesses. But not just any clothing will do.

Outdoor clothing in this part of the world needs to be durable and practical and of course, extremely warm. Many of the brands and clothing that we will talk about later are worn by the people who live in these regions – so if it can withstand the very cold conditions of Scandinavia, then anywhere else in the world, including Canada, the United States and Australia.

They design the clothing to not only provide protection and warmth but also to be versatile, practical, and layer-able

While keeping warm from the cold is obviously extremely important for winter clothing in the Scandinavian region, warm clothing also needs to be practical because many people still need to be able to do all sorts of activities including everyday activities.

Many Scandinavian designed pieces are made from very high-quality materials that have been specifically chosen for their durability and their warmth, but they are also usually somewhat thinner than you may expect to allow you to wear more clothing depending on the time of the year, the activity you’re doing, or your personal preference.

They know the importance of the bigger picture, offering a full body solution

Scandinavian clothing brands know that the cold doesn’t discriminate or only hit one area of the body, which is why most brands will offer a full winter and outdoor clothing solution, rather than just offering a coat or jacket.

Many brands offer all of the accessories you may need to keep warm and protected from the weather, from winter hats to mittens and gloves, as well as socks, boots, and footwear.

They offer clothing for specific kinds of weather

While in winter we often focus on finding the warmest clothing available, sometimes the warmest clothing we have isn’t waterproof or even windproof. Well, many Scandinavian brands also offer clothing that has been made to withstand more than just the cold.

Clothing such as raincoats, rain jackets, rain pants and rain boots are ideal for layering over your day-to-day clothing to keep you dry on those rainy days. This kind of clothing is also especially great for kids who love the outdoors especially when it rains!

The clothing is also super stylish

Being warm and protected from the weather doesn’t mean that you have to be wearing unfashionable or unattractive clothing. And many Scandinavian designed outdoor clothing brands prove this.

They use their knowledge and experience of their own climate and take cues from the overarching Scandinavian design style to create clothing that has a classic and simple silhouette. This kind of clothing can blend into even the most fashionable person’s wardrobe.

What are some of the best Scandinavian outdoor clothing brands?

At MK Nordika, we’ve spent a lot of time researching and testing out various Scandinavian brands to find those that we think are the best. Here are some of our favourites, and why:

Ilse Jacobsen

Combining practicality with the relaxed luxury of Scandinavian style, the Ilse Jacobsen brand specialises in offering winter wear for women, including winter coats and jackets as well as rainboots and footwear too.

First established in 1993, the Ilse Jacobsen brand also has a focus on their impact on the environment and is working to reduce their impact by using green energy in their Danish locations.

Elka Rainwear

A leading outdoor and rainwear clothing brand, Elka has been providing the people in Scandinavia with rainwear clothing and outdoor wear since 1958.

Elka Rainwear makes rainwear and outdoor clothing for people of all ages, including children and adults, with many designs being unisex.


One of the world’s most renowned Scandinavian outdoor clothing brands, Didriksons has a simple philosophy of “we don’t challenge the elements, we adapt to them”. And they have created the pieces that do just that – offering rainwear, winter clothing and outdoor gear in stylish and functional garment form.

Didriksons caters to men, women, adults, and children, with clothing and accessories designed to allow you to adapt to any kind of cooler weather.

Where can you buy Scandinavian clothing?

If you’re in Australia, the United States or Canada, you can buy Scandinavian designed outdoor clothing from us here at MK Nordika. We offer free shipping for all orders and wide range of the highest quality, most durable and stylish outdoor gear for men, women, and children. We stock the brands we’ve mentioned today as well as many others.

If you have questions about any of our products, just get in touch with us here, we’re happy to help you find exactly what you’re after.