MK Nordika is introducing Sägen Jewelry from Sweden.

Sägen is the story of abandoned, porcelain treasures and memories from the 1950’s and 1960’s in Sweden. Swedish jewelry designer Elin Sigrén creates a shimmering blend of the past and the future by combining the artistic heritage of recycled porcelain with contemporary Scandinavian design.

The past, are the Women who lived before Sigrén. Hardworking mothers with their heads in the heavens and their hands searching for food on frozen, stony fields of Gotland in Sweden. They stood strong not to be blown away by the winds, swallowed by they sea, burnt by the sun or condemned by society. The future, is found in the bi-annual release of bold, jewelry collections that embrace individuality. Sigréns craftsmanship is witty and inventive and Sägen jewelry transcends time and passing trends.

Swedish classic porcelain ceramic ware like Mon Amie, Berså and Blå Eld are turned into stunning jewelry. Each piece of porcelain is handcrafted and one of a kind, and set in sterling silver. We have a small Sägen jewelry range including necklaces, earrings, adjustable rings and cufflinks.

Virr Varr is the wellknown and famous kitchen laminate pattern from the 1950’s and 1960’s in Sweden. Here Elin Sigrén has turned the popular laminated pattern into classic, unisex jewelry with a retro twist. Virr Varr handmade jewelry is mounted in stainless steel and is nicklefree.

Sägen Jewelry is a beautiful and unique Christmas Gift for your loved ones or just a treat for yourself, with a story behind it.


Marie x

Classic Swedish Mon Amie porcelain from the 1950’s. Sägen Mon Amie ring in sterling silver.